Security Staff & Traffic Marshalls

We provide full-time or part-time, fully-qualified and experienced security guards and traffic marshalls who can begin work immediately.

Every member of staff we provide will be independantly background-checked and trained to be as effective as possible with your team.

Security Guards

Full or Part-Time Staff

We offer fully SIA-trained security guard staff with a wealth of experience across very diverse industries.

Every guard we provide is independently background-checked by the Safe Security Solutions team and able to work around your desired hours as a valuable member of your team within the London and Home Counties area.

To Hire Security Guards, Click Here.

Traffic Marshalls

Ready To Work With Your Team

Our Traffic Marshalls (Or Banksmen) come pre-qualified with a Traffic Marshall certificate, valid for 3 years. 

Available within the London and Home County area, our staff are competent, experience and more cost-effective than hiring staff but also safer than relying on a worker to direct traffic and oversee safety protocols in the workplace. 

To Hire Traffic Marshalls, Click Here.


Book Security Staff & Traffic Marshalls

Booking could not be simpler: 

Call, email or use the enquiry form to get in touch and speak to the Safe Security Solutions team. Let us know your Security Guard or Traffic Marshall requirements and we'll find a solution that suits you.

Safe Security Solutions is not your normal British security company. Our clients normally approach us to supply a full turnkey bespoke security solution where normal security systems, procedures and companies have failed.

Current national threat level

The current national threat level is SUBSTANTIAL. The threat to Northern Ireland from Northern Ireland-related terrorism is SEVERE..

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