High Net-Worth Individual (HNWI) Security

High Net Worth home security

Personal security is now no longer for the Heads of State and Celebrities. More increasingly, the wealthy (HNWI) sectors of society are taking their own family & personal security to a higher and different level.

Safe Security Solutions provides bespoke security solutions for high net worth individuals on a 24/7 basis and in complete confidence. We have an established record in being able to provide nonstandard security systems to high net worth individuals including many high-profile people from media, sport, music, land-owners, existing security companies and successful business people.


HNWI car collection securityWe’re experts in all areas of electronic property security solutions. Our systems focus on both monitoring and protecting your property and personal security and are fully comprehensive.

Being a high net-worth individual client using our services, you are fully assured of absolute peace of mind, that our security services are delivered to you discreetly and by a professional team.


Aeron long range CCTV PTZ camera Security System Designs

  •  Full security audit which include, threat, vulnerability and risk assessments
  • Defence plans for private homes, office and other properties
  • Security systems include: Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems, Radar, Long Range Intruder activated Thermal PTZ CCTV Cameras, CCTV Remote monitoring, Anti drone systems, Facial recognition software, Building alarms, Access Control, Security doors and windows & family safe rooms

Our systems are available to high net-worth individuals both in the UK and Overseas.

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All private discussions are held within the strictest of confidence.