Commercial CCTV & Remote Monitoring

Commercial CCTV cameras when not combined with a Remote CCTV Monitoring service will simply view and record any potential crime.

Our Commercial CCTV cameras can monitor your premises by using automated Motion Detection cameras which ‘can’ be linked to a Perimeter Intrusion Detection system (PIDS), if required, for a 100% secured monitored perimeter.  Using high speed broadband and wireless 4G connections, our cameras and sensors are able to detect any movement at your Fence Perimeter before someone reaches your property.

We supply a wide range of Fixed, Dome & Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) cameras for all types of clients and properties.

For many clients, we provide Remote CCTV monitoring, for when activation occurs at your property, our installed cameras will send Real Time CCTV images to our Video Receiving Centre (RVRC),  so a member of our Monitoring team can ascertain whether the activation or movement is a real threat. Immediate action will be taken to inform the intruder that they are being watched and recorded and the Emergency services have been informed; this is usually actioned via an onsite tannoy system. All data is then recorded for Police use.

Dome CCTV camera with Infra red lights.

Dome & fixed position cameras are perfect for discreet locations and constant review positions. Easily fitted with Infra red lens for night time observation.

Small PTZ commercial CCTV camera

Small discreet Pan, Tilt & Zoom cameras. Correctly placed, 1 camera can cover 4-6 normal fixed cameras

Full mast and base in position. Fully operational within 6 hrs.

temporary cctv masts

6mtr Tilt mast being attached to the concrete base. All connected within 30 mins and the truck as gone.

Long range CCTV

Long range PTZ camera, Time lapse unit and Remote speaker for Control room use.











Commercial CCTV cameras should be placed within locations where they are able to capture images before an intrusion or problem occurs.  Our Technical team will help you identify where your problematic locations are and advise on what levels of Commercial CCTV cameras and systems you would be best for the locations.

If Intruders are a major concern, then we can also advise on the integration of our Perimeter Intruder Detection systems (PIDS) which are able to operate in conjunction with our Commercial CCTV systems.  Our philosophy is to STOP intruders at the fence and BEFORE they enter a perimeter.

The intruder attempts to climb the fence, it activates an external siren and activates a PTZ to automatically rotate to area where the fence has been climbed.  This notifies our Controller who is already speaking to the Intruder over the loudspeaker and is making a decision whether to call the Police if the Intruder attempts to carry on.  The clever ones, run away!!

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