Safe Security Solutions is not your normal security company.


Whether you are a high net worth individual looking to protect you family and assets, a business looking to secure its premises or an organisation with perimeter security issues, our range of high end products can be integrated to provide a bespoke solution for you. Because we have access to the most innovative products in the security industry, our systems can succeed where others have failed. 


Home Security

Having a personal Perimeter Detection System for your home can help ward off potential intruders and give you peace of mind that you have an early warning system.

UHNWI Security

Large residential gardens can be problematic to protect using traditional security systems. Foliage and trees on the boundary, restrictions in areas of outstanding natural beauty or issues with neighbouring properties can make it difficult to monitor possible intruders walking across your perimeter. Using our advanced perimeter detection systems, key areas can have either fence mounted sensors or even invisible buried seismic sensors which can activate localised CCTV cameras allowing you to protect your family, your home and your assets.


Perimeter intrusion systems are key for national corporations or government sites wishing to prevent unauthorised access. These sites may hold sensitive information or data, and so a reliable, high specification solution is necessary. Our systems can provide peace of mind to protect sites containing physical servers and corporate assets.

Transport & Distribution

We are well aware of the risk of break ins to transport and distribution hubs. With high value stock, the impact of theft including loss and exacerbated insurance premiums can be enormous, not to mention inconvenient. Our perimeter technologies can detect intruders on the boundary of your property at the earliest stages. We also have sensors equipped to detect movement and raise alerts on individual building perimeters, including detection for intruders attempting break ins through the roof.


If you have found traditional CCTV systems to be ineffective, our perimeter detection systems could be the answer. Stop intruders at the edge of your property with our fence mounted sensors to allow maximum reaction time. Protect your high value stock and equipment using specialist sensors which can be mounted to the warehouse exterior. These can detect any attempt to access via the walls or roof giving an added level of security.

Aviation & Maritime

Due to the level of threat from terrorism and violence in the current climate, we understand that immediate detection in these environments is crucial. Our specialised systems offer intruder detection at the earliest stages, maximising the time for appropriate action. 

Country Estates

Large open areas of land are historically difficult to police. Now key areas can have either fence mounted perimeter systems or even buried seismic sensors which can activate long range CCTV cameras. With access to advanced technology provided by an award winning British manufacturer, one high specification camera can replace a complicated network of cameras.


With high value assets such as vehicles, guaranteed, quick detection is required. Our security systems can be programmed to switch on security lights or high specification CCTV cameras and give a verbal alert when people enter your property illegally.


Equipment theft is a big issue in this environment due to the high value of farming machinery. A range of different intrusion detection products can be used in various locations around the site to protect your land from trespassers. Our systems are not affected by adverse weather and can be integrated to give complete protection for your farm perimeter.

Border Security

Our equipment is passed for military use and so you can be assured of the best quality and highest specification. When protecting our nations borders from modern threats, our advanced technology and cutting edge systems will guarantee any intruder can be detected at the earliest stages.

Law Enforcement

Easy to deploy temporary systems are perfect for application in many policing situations. They are portable and could be used for detecting a range of crimes including lead theft. Our buried sensor kits are easy to use and come complete with a battery pack, which removes the need for any power or communications requirements on the ground.

Local Authorities

Our discreet buried sensor kits are perfect for detecting issues like illegal dumping or fly tipping. Easy to install and with no power required, the packs are portable and offer a cost effective solution to this type of problem.


We appreciate the need for reliable and immediate perimeter detection in a prison environment. Fence mounted sensors, buried sensors and long range CCTV cameras can be integrated to provide a multi level system to ensure complete site monitoring.


Having access to reliable, high quality field tested PIDS & UGS has always been a key factor in choosing Perimeter Detection systems for military purposes. The technology available to us allows us to design and install a fully integrated system of military standard, giving the maximum level of protection.

Safe Security Solutions is not your normal British security company. Our clients normally approach us to supply a full turnkey bespoke security solution where normal security systems, procedures and companies have failed.

Current national threat level

The current national threat level is SUBSTANTIAL. The threat to Northern Ireland from Northern Ireland-related terrorism is SEVERE..

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