Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

We are the Approved UK office for El-Far Electronics Systems who are based in Israel. El-Far is the country’s leading specialist security manufacturer who has a wide range of high-quality perimeter intrusion detection systems for all types of needs and clients around the world.

Every project is uniquely discussed and designed according to each client’s own specific security requirements and needs. Whether you have a private residence in need of protection, a large industrial site, warehousing or manufacturing plant, our perimeter detection systems we can offer are perfect for exposed areas at risk of potential intrusion. Our equipment is certified for military use so you can be assured of its efficiency and reliability at all times.

Our systems are able to detect immediate intrusion attempts by climbing, cutting or lifting a perimeter fence, or even by tampering with the power/communication cabling. The sensors can be attached to most types of existing physical boundaries including decorative, chain-link or welded mesh fences and also walls for maximum detection ability.

Having perimeter detection equipment installed allows the user or operator the unique ability to have real-time information on the exact position of attempted intrusions along the entire property perimeter. The systems can be connected into existing or newly designed CCTV cameras and lights which once triggered will give advanced warning and correct live information of any potential threat.

In the case of commercial premises, it may give the onsite security staff the advanced warning that (as an example) youths are attempting to break through a fence and steal expensive equipment. This immediate detection could be seen in the control room while a security team are moving to intercept the persons before any losses are incurred.

If it is the home of a wealthy individual, then this could allow the occupants the necessary time to quickly secure themselves into a secure room within a building before they experience any threat.

All systems can be easily designed to create warnings to would-be intruders that they have breached a secured monitored area and are being watched. This unique system advantage effectively helps scare people away from your property before they have managed to get near a building. This overall reduces losses, risks, damage and the potential risk to life.