How To Monitor Livestock During Birthing Season

Did you know that the world’s most expensive sheep was sold at a Scottish livestock auction in Lanark back in August for an eye-watering £365,000?

The average cost of a lamb in the UK is usually around £100. For reference, the average cost of a UK home is currently around £256,000.

While it’s fair to say that the typical livestock farmer will not be investing ‘dream-home’ levels of cash into a single beast, it is worth noting that a farmers flock will often be worth many tens of thousands of pounds and much like any valuable asset, the threats of loss, theft and security should be of the utmost importance.

A Difficult Time For Farmers

Typically the peak birthing times are between February and April although some farms lamb before Christmas and it can be a very hectic time during that entire period. Especially as the end of February usually marks calving season, this marks a run of 3 to 4 months of constant work, day and night, to contend with.

As any livestock farmer will know, lambing and calving is exhausting. It requires around-the-clock attention and March is usually the busiest time of the year. Sleepless nights are a given and lambs will not wait to come out at a convenient time. It’s a fraught, stressful, few months.

But even after the given birthing time frame, the hazards to the newly-born livestock and lambs do not stop as protection from threats such as foxes, crows and indeed humans are a necessity.

Introducing… The LambCam.

Safesitecam Smart AI Security Camera mounted on a wall in front of a landscape and clouds
The SafeSiteCam

Safe Security Solutions is a security company specialising in perimeter security, based in Lincolnshire. It may come as no surprise that living and working in a rural area, we work closely with the farming community, providing custom security for farms and estates with many thousands (often millions) of pounds of assets and equipment.

It may be more of a surprise that some of our innovative farmers have been requesting our services to help with the birthing season.

Necessity is the mother of invention (or so they say) and we’ve found an unusual application for our SafeSiteCam CCTV systems in the form of monitoring herds and flocks. Unlike standard CCTV systems, the SafeSiteCam uses artificial intelligence systems to set an invisible perimeter around any area you wish to monitor. This allows the live feed to alert you any time there is a threat or an event happening in that given area without needless false alarms and false-positive triggers. This can include births.

Real time monitoring of assets, property and livestock.

It goes a step beyond this, though: You can specify the area you wish to observe, and set up auto-responses for any form of intrusion, (be it human or fox) with a recorded message and automated lighting built right into the camera. This takes care of external threats without the need to rush to scene and take action, which can often be too late.

The other unlikely benefit has been the ability to monitor Ewes or herds, during the birthing season.

We understand that it can be very difficult working blind, with very little sleep and having to pay many essential visits on the livestock to check their well-being, whilst you could be in bed counting sheep (sorry). With the SafeSiteCam you can monitor the area of activity from the comfort of your bed, sofa, comfy chair or portacabin, checking as and when you feel is necessary, safe in the knowledge that you will be automatically alerted if an event takes place.

It is literally life-saving and cuts the cost of around-the-clock help required by farm staff with the added benefit of allowing that little bit of extra rest that is much-needed during this exhausting time.

Here When You Need Us.

Unlike most security companies, Safe Security Solutions puts our client’s needs before our own income. We understand that farms have a lot of machinery and systems which only see use for a handful of months of the year… We see no need for you to be paying huge up-front costs for a CCTV system that is only needed for a limited time frame.

The SafeSiteCam or “LambCam” system comes with no installation charges, simple 3, 6, 12 or 24-month leasing contracts and you can add any optional-extra you require such as floodlights, beacons or sirens. You can choose the hours you need it to operate, the area you wish to monitor, the number of cameras required and we can set the entire system up for you and take it away until the next year, when it will be required once more.

It’s been a difficult year for farming and industry in general so if we, as a company, can make things a little easier during the most challenging times, we’ll be more than happy to do so.

We specialise in stopping intrusions but the applications for our systems goes far beyond that.

So whether you’re looking to protect your livestock, your lambs or your assets, feel free to get in touch and see how we can help your farm.

Safe Security Solutions Logo with a White outline
Two tractors working in a wheat field as the sun sets behind

GPS Thefts & Tractor Damage In Lincolnshire & Rural Areas

Safe Security Solutions has a central office based in the heart of Lincolnshire and many of our clients are farmers or estate owners who have informed us of a disturbing trend in tractor break-ins and continual thefts of sat nav systems, onboard computers and GPS equipment. 

We’ve noticed a number of stories in the local papers (such as Lincolnshire Reporter and Farming UK) and it seems to have become a persistent crime over the last few years and even more so over recent weeks.

We are fully aware that specialised farming computers and GPS equipment is worth a lot more than standard sat nav or laptops and their loss can render a farm inoperable until such time that they can be replaced. As a leading provider of farm security within the UK, we can help.

A Huge Inconvenience

Aside from halting the ability to work or perform necessary tasks, there are the issues of insurance payouts taking a long time and the physical damage incurred to the tractors and farm machinery to gain access. 

Many modern farm machines are financially comparable with (or in excess of) a large mortgage a house. With these costs spiralling, it makes an already difficult time for farmers nearly impossible. Official advice on how to avoid these thefts is almost laughable… We’ll share those tips below but give you another option which will allow you to stop a crime before or during its execution, not simply gathering evidence. 

Basic Advice

  • Wherever possible, remove equipment such as aerials, computers, GPS & sat nav systems.
  • Add battery-operated alarms to removable items.
  • Fit hard-to-remove brackets to these items.
  • Engrave or use UV pens to mark all removable property with your details for future tracking.
  • Photograph and keep a log of all serial numbers for any items you wish to protect.
  • Lock all machinery away at night.

The Problems With This Advice

Aside from the huge inconvenience and the impractical aspect to the above advice, the issues are really ones of the distances required to safely store vehicles and property as well as the fact that most “security measures” seem to look at evidence gathering rather than crime and theft prevention. 

Removing all items and safely securing overnight is simply not an option when farms and estates can cover many miles and work hours are often dawn ‘till dusk. It’s highly impractical to drive a tractor several miles from yard to field and drive back and every night when quicker, more convenient transport is available. 

If you’re working in a large field or several fields in the same area without access to a barn or secure storage, it’s simply not possible to expect that land working vehicles can make a return trip to secure lockups and then return again in the morning. It’s costly in fuel, time and employee’s wages.

Brackets and tie-wraps pose little obstruction for a criminal with some intent. By the time they have broken into the vehicle, the damage has already occurred. This is typically a smashed window but in extreme cases can be structural (forced doors or windows via pry-bar) or in rarer cases still, forced or broken locks. 

Fast, forced entry always seems to be the preferred criminal choice. The fact a computer is strapped in or a sat nav has a tie wrap may pose a mild annoyance to the would-be thief but it will not stop them. Time is often of the essence in these cases but an extra few seconds to snip a cable or force a secure bar will simply cause more devastation to the vehicle cab and console.

Marking items with identifying information and keeping a log of all serial numbers is ultimately pointless. This form of evidence gathering works on an assumption that items will be stolen and further down the line may get recovered. What good is a piece of equipment when it’s already been replaced? Ignoring the fact that it can take up a lot of admin time to gather all product details and physically mark all items, this kind of equipment is not always assigned to one machine making tracking on the farm’s end pretty difficult.  

Prevention is better than cause but it’s extremely rare that stolen equipment is ever recovered so what realistic options are there?

The Safe Security Solution…

As mentioned above, farms can cover a very wide area with fields and yards being many miles apart. There are practical, actionable solutions that can be applied to reduce crime, deter criminals or in some cases eliminate these thefts entirely.

Portable, Buried Security Kits

A covert camera kit with camera that looks like a stone and underground motion detectors

By far the simplest, cheapest and easiest system available is our Sensoguard Portable Tactical Security Kit. This system is ideal for machines left in a field or open area overnight or any non-permanent fixture.

These kits consist of buried sensors hooked up to covert cameras with live feeds that work via a mobile signal, offering real-time surveillance of a perimeter. This system can, in some cases, be integrated with third part measures like lighting and alarms to deter thieves and threats who enter the perimeter. 

These kits are completely battery-operated with up to ten-year life span on the sensors. They can be moved and reused as necessary and will fit inside a small backpack or waterproof storage case, which are included.

Each system is weatherproof, waterproof and foolproof. Simply bury the system around the required perimeter, set the camera down and it does all the work. It can even differentiate between vehicles in the area of operation, wildlife or human movement, reducing false alarms.

Permanent Buried Intruder systems

Buried security Safe Security Solutions

Many farms will have multiple yards or storage areas which will often be quite remote and may or may not have active staff on-site overnight. These premises or buildings will see regular short-term storage of equipment including tractors, land-working machinery and combine harvesters but items stored there will change frequently. 

It may be possible to dispatch staff when an alert goes up, though it will likely be preferable to alert local authorities who may be quicker to respond and reduce the threat level to the farmer or landowner. 

Alternatively, criminals can be deterred by installing security measures such as CCTV, alarms, sirens, beacons or lighting. But catching a criminal in the act will potentially stop their activities, though ideally, this requires a system in place which alerts to a break in covertly.

This is where the Sensoguard Buried Intrusion Detection Systems really earn their keep. 

The seismic sensors (based on earthquake measuring technology) will eliminate false alarms and alert to genuine threats by differentiating between vehicles moving around the perimeter, human footsteps and the usual false alarm causing weather conditions or wildlife.

The smart technology will assess the threat and act accordingly: Sending a live camera feed to the person monitoring the area with a real-time alert or triggering a pre-set deterrent such as lighting, alarms or security systems to scare the perpetrators away from completing their criminal acts. 

Rather than gathering evidence, landowners can now take action as the crime happens. 

Prevention Is An Option

When you’re seeing areas targeting and mass break-ins and thefts over a short space of time, it is clearly the work of targeted, organised criminals. Few deterrents work and basic security measures provide little to no assistance. 

Taking action before the crime happens or during the criminal activity means that not only with the criminals be brought to justice but word will spread amongst criminal gangs that there is “something” alerting the authorities to problem areas every time theft is attempted. This will, in turn, lead to a reduction in the threat. 

Criminal activity can never be fully eliminated but it can be dealt with as it occurs and stubbed out. The threat may never go away, but if every time a crime is attempted and stopped, it will eventually become apparent that the landowner’s property is not to be touched. No other security system provider in the UK can guarantee this in quite the same way as Safe Security Solutions.

Get in touch and see how we can help now. 

A perimeter fence with a motion sensor detector kit mounted to it.

Manufacturing client for commercial Viper-Sens perimeter detection system

A well-known old manufacturing company approached us towards the end of last year with a number of security intruder issues which was causing problems on-site and asked if our Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) could help.

The company had also resorted to changing a previous security supplier as it was believed that there was a level of complacency on the ground. Within several weeks of the newly appointed security supplier being in place, the same problems were re-occurring.

We had several conference calls about how our detection systems could quickly detect and locate these potential intruders before they could climb a perimeter fence or the perimeter border.

The client mentioned that we would not get permission from the neighbouring land owner to install a buried system, so we opted that a fence mounted would be the only option.

Our team advised that integrating the perimeter detection alarm system with locally installed CCTV cameras, would give the on-site security control room the added advantage of being able to identify if a fence activation is a genuine problem. This accurate security information from the CCTV controller helps the security officers on the ground to act accordingly to what is happening in real time.

We received authorisation for our security system designers to spend time at the plant and identify what could be our best recommendations.

It was decided to input one of our own security officers on site to help identify any problematic areas.

We quickly identified that the client had a large and difficult perimeter to monitor and protect. The site is just over 5 acres, with numerous large production buildings in complex locations.

The problems were stemming from the tree and shrub lined perimeter which had overgrown after many years of neglect.  This excessive growth was allowing intruders to easily climb over the chain link fencing undetected and easily hide amongst the trees. Thieves could easily gain access to the buildings and verbally abuse the staff when the coast was clear.

Monitoring the movements of factory staff was less of an issue and is being well controlled by the on-site security team, so this showed that the team were following their SOP’s.

It was apparent that even with 4 permanent security officers on site, and due to the nature of the of the perimeter set up, it was impossible for them to monitor the 900m fence line. They had inherited an ongoing site problem which needed to change.

It was agreed that the only way to help monitor and stop any non-authorised persons from entering the site, was that: 1. the perimeter needed to be improved, 2. all of the tree and shrub cover needed to be thinned out, 3. the control room needed to monitor the whole site easily, 4. onsite security personnel needed accurate live information

Safe Security Solutions survey team carried out a full perimeter inspection and were left with the task of designing a control room operated detection system using the existing perimeter chain-link fencing.

The site would benefit from using our Viper-Sens system which would be connected to the control room Command and Control software

The client agreed to have the trees and wooded area reduced with the permission of the local authority as a number of trees have Tree Preservation Orders in place.

Part of the site design was to install 4 metre poles and mount high definition CCTV cameras every 50m along the perimeter with switched security lights. Any activation would automatically trigger and light the activated area.

The control room would have a separate operating computer for the fence detection software which show on 3 monitor screens. These screens would show 1. the site overhead and the activation point, 2. full documented activating report log, 3. The local live feed CCTV camera allocated to the activated fence section

The client had a number of questions regarding the installation and operation of the technology, which our team quickly covered these topics.

We then received the go ahead to manufacture the custom made system and start the installation project as soon as possible.

After a period of 4 weeks, the site was fully operational. The security team received system training over a week and some of the guys had great fun trying to break into the site, while being quite unsuccessful.

Since the completion of the project, the client has been updating us and commented that there is a remarked reduction on attempted intrusions.

 PRE INSTALL over 3 mths POST INSTALL over 3 mths
Potential H&S risks17 0
Unidentified persons on site34 0
Unknown number of attempted intrusions 50+ 33
Risky confrontations24 0
Fence climbs34+ 3
Quick stats at Feb 2020

The client has recently confirmed that they extremely pleased with the outcome and effectiveness of the system.

They are particularly happy that:

1. the risk to their staff on site has been greatly reduced,

2. potential H&S implications have been reduced,

3. site productivity has actually increased,

4. the security team on site now have a great relationship with the client management team

5. daily reports are showing an accurate picture of the day’s events

Overall, our team at Safe Security Solutions are very happy because we have:

1. one very happy client, 

2. a very happy security team,

3. very ‘unhappy‘ potential intruders

A great result for all, I think!!

Need a custom made security systems for home or work place – contact us on

Safe Security Solutions is the approved UK office for both El Far Perimeter Security systems and Sensoguard

Both are leading security detection suppliers from Israel.

Sensoguard and Safe Security Solutions Logos with a buried intrusion detection system

SensoGuard UK Trade enquiries

SensoGuard UK

Are you a security installer or a distributor looking to expand your services and security product range?

Sensoguard Seismic security technology is invisible, vandal-proof, versatile and weather-resistant, suitable for any type of project. Implementing the same technology that is used to detect earthquakes. Our SensoGuard standalone security detectors react to vibrations both above and below ground to detect intruders on foot or in vehicles and digging.

Systems are available from Safe Security Systems, who are the Approved UK agent.

Buried seismic sensor UK

System benefits

  • Detects footsteps up to 10m diameter

  • Detects vehicles up to 20m diameter

  • Detects digging up to 20m diameter.

  • Invisible

  • Wind resistant

  • Fog resistant

  • Mains powered (or solar/battery for remote areas)

  • Maintenance free

  • Easy installation

  • Free design software

  • Mains or long-life batteries * Wireless kits
  • Configures to CCTV

Systems available

  • Standalone sensors
  • Home security
  • Commercial security
  • Farm systems
  • Portable and Tactical systems
  • Fly-tipping systems
  • Rapid PTZ kits
  • Invisible fence systems
  • Adaptable fence systems.
  • Free design software

  • Free System Design software
  • Command & Control software

Flytipping camera UK

Installer benefits

Approved Security Installers and Distributors will be able to offer SensoGuard advanced buried seismic security sensors to your clients which will put you ahead of your competition. 

Interested companies will be able to Register online via our website. Once you have received your Registration approval, you will be able to sign into the Approved Installers and Distributors section.  This area will give access to preferential Trade prices, marketing documents, PDF’s, prices, design software and training documents.

You are now fully equipped to offer your clients some of the most advanced security detection sensors on the global market.

To register your early interest, email

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Register your interest

To register your early interest, email or enter your details below.

CCTV Operative sat in a chair looking at multiple cctv monitors

The Art of Upselling In The Security Industry

Upselling on existing security systems is one of the simplest and most effective ways to raise revenue as a security installer. When done well, it also demonstrates to your customers that you’re ahead of the curve, proactive and looking out for their needs in the long-term.

According to the Harvard Business Review, it is 5-25X more expensive to retain existing customers than to acquire a new one. But how do you sell to clients who already have a security installation?

Upselling security installations

Upselling is the answer. You’re 60-70% likely to sell to an existing customer, compared to the 5-20% likelihood of selling to a new prospect.

Here at Safe Security Solutions, we offer security technologies that integrate with virtually all security systems, meaning you can go further with your existing client base without losing money on expensive marketing costs and timely lead generation.

Upselling methods for security installers

1.    Promote new product ranges as they enter your stock

Marketing should form part of every company’s business plan. When you attract customers for the first time, you should be sure to capture their contact details (in compliance with GDPR legislation) and use your mailing list to notify both previous customers and potential leads of anything new you have to offer as your grow your range.

You can go even further in your marketing by creating target groups from customers in your system, deciding whether information is better suited to potential leads, previous customers, or those with certain needs.

2.    Make system reviews part of your service

In general, we like to think our job is done once we’ve installed our customer’s security system. However, walking away without creating the opportunity to touch base in the future means you’re missing the chance to showcase more advanced technologies down the line.

In order to capitalise on those statistics – which say that previous customers are the most likely to buy again – you should aim to check in with previous customers at regular intervals, such as a year after their purchase.

This not only gives you the chance to offer great customer service and build brand loyalty by taking the initiative to tackle any problems that might have occurred since the installation, but also gives you the opportunity to make previous customers aware of how they might upgrade their system with new and improved solutions.

Our solutions integrate fully with older systems, creating the perfect upselling opportunity

We at Safe Security Solutions are the sole UK Representative Office for SensoGuard Solutions – one of Israel’s leading security technology manufacturers.

One of our most versatile product ranges is our Standalone Buried Detector Range, which we can offer to Authorised Installers and Distributors to expand their product range.

SensoGuard Standalone Detectors can be integrated with existing video surveillance and alarm systems to make current systems more effective and efficient – so you have something new to offer your customers, even if they’ve already had a security system installed.

What are SensoGuard Buried Sensors?

Implementing the same technology that is used to detect earthquakes, our SG Standalone Detectors are buried around the perimeter of a secure area and react to vibrations both above and below ground to detect intruders on foot or in vehicles, digging and other activity.

Features include:

  • Seismic threat detection that sends an instant alert via MMS, email or our Control and Command software when a threat is detected
  • Self-learning algorithms that minimise false alarms
  • Threat classification (i.e. footsteps, vehicle, or digging)
  • Self-calibration
  • 24/7 function in all weather conditions
  • Invisible and vandal-proof
  • Easy installation requiring no previous experience
  • All in sensors the size of a corkscrew.

Become an Authorised Installer or Distributor

Our Standalone Buried Detectors are just one item in our impressive SensoGuard range. All these products can be integrated with existing systems, which means all create the perfect opportunity to return to previous customers with something new.

To become one of our Authorised Installers or Distributors of SensoGuard technologies, get in touch with us today.

Two very large yellow bulldozers parked side-by-side.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: The Cost-Effectiveness of Security Guards

Prevention is better than cure: The cost-effectiveness of security guards

The statistics

92% of construction sites report being the victim of crime on an annual basis and it’s estimated that vandalism and theft cost the construction industry over £400 million a year.

These statistics are staggering, yet true. The Crime in the Construction Industry report released by the Chartered Institute of Building shows that 38% of respondents lost at least £10,000 a year due to criminal activity, while 9% of companies lost over £100,000. 12% of those who lost in excess of £10,000 are located in London. And the larger the company, the greater the loss.

The benefits of security personnel

To save on costs, many companies turn to technology as a solution for their security needs. When early detection systems are used, this can be highly effective. However, avoiding the use of security guards altogether can prove to be a false economy. Because, as we know, most construction companies are very likely to be the victim of crime this year, next year, and every year.

The benefits of manned security include:

Visual deterrent – Criminals are opportunists. When they see sites with little visible security, they are more likely to strike. Seeing security guards on patrol is a known deterrent.

Fewer false alarms – Security guards are humans working in real time, in real life. This means when their suspicions are raised, they can follow up immediately and quickly determine whether a disruption is a real threat or normal activity.

A multi-sensory response – Security guards have the benefit of all five human senses. They can hear what CCTV cameras may not be able to detect, and their line of sight is far greater. They can also move around the site, providing 360° surveillance inside and outside at all times of day and night.

Access control – Vigilant guards are the most effective form of access control. Manned security will recognise familiar faces and question suspicious visitors. They can validate each and every person who passes through, preventing intrusion and false entry.

Preventing staff conflicts – While we mainly think of outsiders as being the cause of trouble on our sites, interpersonal conflict among our own employees is possible. This includes fights – sometimes physical – between members of staff, or outside conflicts that follow staff members into the workplace. Manned security can prevent altercations taking place during work hours by those who are permitted on the site.

Immediate response – There is an intruder on site. What can you do if there are no trained security personnel at hand? Your only option is to wait for police to arrive. With men on the ground, you can act immediately, and ensure criminals leave before they cause damage or loss.

Manned security is a cost-effective solution

The loss of even one item of high-expense machinery can cost more than hiring a security team for an entire year. When the likelihood of being a victim of crime is ever-present, prevention is better than cure.

What’s more, when you use a staffing agency such as Safe Security Solutions, you can tailor your manpower to the times when it’s needed most, such as during winter when the nights are darker, to protect high-value shipments, or during the holidays when regular staff are thin on the ground.

Get in touch with Safe Security Solutions

Our Security Officers are highly trained, vigilant and responsive. Each member of our team follows a strict reporting procedure to ensure you have eyes on your site at all times. We have some of the best in the business working for us – and they could be working for you, too.

Our manned security services operate in the Home Counties only. If you are outside these areas, we recommend taking a look at our intelligent security technology. Remember, we specialise in early intruder detection, preventing crime before it happens.

Call us today to find out more or to get a bespoke quote.

Sensoguard Sensors Buried image with triggered waves being emitted

Physical Security Risks in Commercial and Government Sites: How to Protect Your Premises

Physical security risks in commercial and government sites: How to protect your premises

Anyone who runs a profitable business knows the risk to their premises, staff and equipment. For those in particular industries – including agriculture, forestry, public transport, energy and defence – the risks are even more significant.

The 2018 Home Office Commercial Victimisation Survey demonstrates the very real threat these businesses and others face every day from opportunistic criminals

Security in the Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Sectors

In the UK alone, the number of crimes reported annually runs into the tens of thousands.



Vehicle-related theft


Assaults and threats












Poaching/hare coursing


Use of vehicles on land


Worrying livestock


Unauthorised occupancy


Grazing animals without permission


As the table shows, premises with high-value equipment face extremely high risk; a total of 176,000 incidents were reported in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors in the most recent crime survey (2018).

Security in other sectors



The railways have faced similar challenges when it comes to tackling crime. The British Transport Police reported 68,313 notifiable crimes in 2018-19. In particular, the use of rail to facilitate drug trafficking is worryingly on the rise.

According to the BTP’s annual report, around 40% of delays and disruptions on the railways are due to police-related incidents, including trespass, fatalities, attempted suicides, incidents at level crossings, cable theft, bridge strikes and people in precarious positions.

Power Plants

In some sectors, preventing crime in the first instance is a higher concern than past statistics. One such example is nuclear power plants, which pose a realistic risk of a terrorist attack; a concern outlined by the World Nuclear Association.

In fact, since the 2001 terror attacks in America, the US has modified the law to make it a legal requirement to ensure the physical security of nuclear sites through measures such as barriers, bulletproof security stations and other physical modifications. These changes have cost an estimated$2bn to implement. More information about the USA’s nuclear power plant security measures can be read here.

The importance of perimeter detection

Criminal damage, theft, terrorism and other incidents can only occur if the intruder reaches their target on your premises. By using an early warning system, you can pre-detect an intruder before they reach their target. By doing this, you significantly increase your opportunity to prevent the crime from taking place, to minimise damage, and to increase the likelihood of securing a conviction.What’s more, you decrease the chance of harm to your employees and site visitors

Introducing the InvisiFence

Safe Security Solutions are proud suppliers of the InvisiFence – the ultimate in perimeter defence technology.

The InvisiFence creates an invisible fence around an area, in addition to or in place of a physical fence. The underground buried sensors detect vibrations from above, distinguishing between wildlife, footsteps and vehicular movement. When an intruder is detected, a direct notification is sent to the owner via email or MMS – or to the onsite or remote control room using our Command and Control software system.

The features of InvisiFence

  • There is no infrastructure required for installations; the InvisiFence is suitable for any premise however remote
  • Weatherproof sensors
  • A covert system which is invisible and vandal-proof
  • Maintenance-free
  • The InvisiFence runs on mains power, but that doesn’t mean remote locations cannot benefit. The alternative of battery or solar-powered energy can cater for a diverse range of landscapes.
  • Detects intrusion both from above and below ground
  • InvisiFence can be used as a standalone security measure or be integrated with existing systems
  • Self-learning algorithms minimise false alarms
  • The InvisiFence can detect movement within a 10-25m radius of each sensor
  • Installation is easy

Contact Safe Security Solutions today

The requirements of each premise are completely bespoke. The application of the system, the size of the area to be secured, and the system integration needs vary between sites.

This is why we recommend getting in touch with Safe Security Solutions to discuss your needs with an expert and receive a custom quote.Call us today on 020 8555 6800 or email

The Impact of Christmas on Fly Tipping

Fly-tipping – the act of illegally dumping rubbish in public areas – is a nightmare for councils, local authorities, and those businesses unfortunate enough to bear the brunt of someone’s laziness.

Over the course of the year, local authorities in England will have to deal with over one million instances of fly-tipping. The majority of these incidents involve fly-tipping in quantities equal to a small van load. The most common location for fly-tipping is on highways, but all sorts of premises, streets, and back alleys have fallen victim to these acts of vandalism (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 2019).

Fly-tipping: The statistics

Although most of us will find a way to spread our Christmas garbage out over several bin collection cycles – or even go to the tip! – there remains a small minority of the UK population who choose to fly-tip when the Christmas garbage piles up.

To be precise, the guilty party constitutes 10% of UK residents, according to research by waste removal experts, Clearabee. That doesn’t sound like that much, does it? Well, 10% of the British population equals 1.5 million people who confess to fly-tipping over the Christmas period. Now it starts to add up.

Fly-tipping costs taxpayers £58 million annually. That figure should be enough to make anyone realise the scale of the problem. And at Christmas, it only gets worse (BBC News, 2017). 

Why do people fly-tip over Christmas?

Christmas is so notorious for fly-tippers that the first Friday of the New Year has been dubbed ‘Fly Tipping Friday’. This is according to research from Junk Hunters, which found that this on this date, more rubbish is illegally dumped than on any other day of the year (It’s Flytipping Friday, 2018).

Is your premise at risk of Christmas fly tipping?

Some of the most popular locations for fly-tipping are highways, farms, and roadsides, but fly-tippers are opportunists. If there is land with little security and low foot passage – especially after hours – then you are at risk of being targeted.

In addition, council statistics show that the following areas have the worst rates of fly-tipping nationwide:

  • Haringey – 39,036
  • Manchester – 30,386
  • Birmingham City – 21,124
  • Hounslow – 22,255
  • Newham – 19,537
  • Brent – 18,293
  • Northampton -17,092
  • Redbridge – 16,225
  • Leeds City -16,172
  • Hillingdon -14,032
  • Bradford -13,720
  • Gateshead – 12,449
  • Sheffield City -12,115
  • Peterborough -12,045
  • Ealing -11,598
  • Leicester City – 9,458
  • Greenwich – 9,268
  • Kensington and Chelsea – 8,903
  • Basildon – 8,755
  • Edinburgh City – 8741

 (ITV News, 2017)

Who is responsible for the cost of fly-tipping?

If garbage is dumped in public spaces, then the clear-up costs come straight out of the taxpayer’s pocket. However, if dumped on private property, removing the waste is your responsibility – and your expense. 

There is nothing you can do to cover the cost of removing the waste, but you can pursue prosecution for the crime. If you discover fly-tipping on your land, make sure to document everything and photograph the waste from multiple angles. Make sure you approach any waste that appears with caution – you never know when there are hazardous materials contained within.

Protecting your premises from Christmas fly-tipping

Once the rubbish has been dumped on your land, you’re left footing the bill. This is true for public authorities and local councils as well as private landowners.

That’s why it’s worth investing in proper security systems to prevent fly-tipping in the first place. In the long-run, you may well find this saves you time in clearing the space and helps your property maintain its value – fly-tipping sites are hit by lower valuations.

At the end of the day, nobody wants their site to be a target of fly-tipping. It makes your business or public place look uncared for and encourages further acts of vandalism. In general, it detracts from the area.

Fly-tipping defence from Safe Security Solutions 

Safe Security Solutions serves both private landowners and local authorities. Our systems can be fitted to home residences, government buildings, or public spaces. 

We recommend our Safe Buried Portable Kit. These kits can be moved from site to site to follow the fly-tippers as they try to find new places they can get away with illegal dumping.

Our buried kits are invisible, nestled underground. This means they are immune to vandalism or any attempt to hide. Instead, you’ll be alerted when there is a trespasser on your site, giving you the opportunity to react in real-time. What’s more, our sensors can be integrated to coordinate with any existing security system.

Read more about our buried security solutions at our sister site, Safe Buried Security. Alternatively, visit our sectors page to see all the premises our systems support.

Interested in defending your site from Christmas fly-tippers?

Our security solutions are not one-size-fits-all. As well as our Safe Buried Portable Kits, we offer a variety of perimeter detection systems – all to military standards and at the cutting edge of technology. Whatever your site, we’ll have a solution for you.

Contact us today to find out how we can protect your land. 

A security guard stood in front of a wire fence with a security sign attached to it.

Need Better Security Staff?

Thinking of a high-performing security team to safely and securely protect your premises? Yes

Ambassadors for your business? Yes

Command value for money, efficiency and effectiveness? Yes

Because you’re looking for options, we have the solutions. Courage to fit your circumstances, imagine a dedication and individual charter to you. 

Take comfort that your security is our commitment by discovering the use of our service. 

A fresh change from the norm.

Safe Security Solutions is an established provider of Security operatives across multiple disciplines, we provide security with a difference. 

We ensure that all our officers fulfil the necessary training and requirements set down by the SIA to be a licensed worker in the industry. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) governs the provision of security operatives in the UK. It is the aim of the SIA to improve the standards across the industry and we fully support this. We commit to providing only licensed operatives that will fit your needs. We will spend time to understand and assess your needs in consultation with key stakeholders. Make suggestions and recommendations to ensure you obtain value for money and only providing for what you need. We empower pride in ourselves and our people, setting high standards and providing delivery of service as expected and often exceeded. Becoming a customer and client of SafeSS is one in the same thing, let our team be your customer face, you won’t be disappointed.

We provide a clear program from the onset, from initial contact through to site migration or start from scratch, we are capable of delivering on individual needs for your requirements.

Following on from the initial consultations, we carry out site surveys to cover all aspects of your site to establish from a security perspective, exactly what is required, this will continue to be an ongoing process to ensure your needs are being met, and to see if we can improve your security and further minimise the risk. We will work with you and for you to provide a long-term security solution. Being able to leave your business in safe hands is key to ongoing business success and effective continuity. Knowing that we have your best interests in mind and strive to deliver and become the dependable company we know we are.

Today’s security is all about the now, and the future, our actions and reactions to prevent, detect and deter any risk’s that may be apparent. We empower our officers and teams to ensure they have the right tools, the right abilities and the knowledge to be successful, engage with and encourage them to take ownership and responsibility and to grow with the roles and responsibilities they hold in looking after your staff, visitors, property and business, which ultimately, is our business.

Whilst we are surrounded by technology, the fact still remains that we continue to need a physical presence. 

Our officers will:

  • Hold a frontline Security license
  • Be your customer service 
  • Be smart and efficient
  • Be uniformed as agreed
  • Be supplied with the necessary equipment
  • Report incidents and actions accordingly
  • Empowered to do the right thing

Physical Security is always a need for our digital world, face to face interaction, smart efficient and problem-solving officers play a huge part in our every day operations across our clients. Our officers can and will deter, detect and protect your people and assets whilst providing a customer service role in support of your business needs. Whilst everyone has a responsibility for a certain amount of personal and company security. We will take ownership to support the security plan by understanding and relaying your requirements in detail to our dedicated team. Giving you reassurance on service delivery and any specific developments we can identify to enhance your needs. Security doesn’t stop at the front door, it is a fluid and ever-changing process. We will ensure your boundaries are protected appropriately with any recommendations and alterations that may be necessary. Budgetary restraints are always in the front of mind and we will work with you for the best balance of physical and technical security if required. Some threats are not always apparent.  

Many of our officers are dual-rolled. They have an additional official qualification in traffic marshalling. Whilst some sites may not need this skill, it does make our officers more aware of the importance and safety of traffic. This is a skill that can be transferred into the security field and often officers/ teams can be utilised to assist, and even take responsibility for your Fire evacuations and agreed roles. Security is an ever-present resource to help and support your everyday business as well as your front line emergency and business continuity plans. 

What is involved with the Traffic Marshall certification that could assist you? Some key elements of the training for the officers covers Health & Safety, this is beneficial for both the officer and everyone’s organisation. 

Some areas of particular interest:

  • General Health and Safety
  • Safety of vehicle access
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Risk Management 
  • Identifying Dangerous Movements
  • Safeguarding pedestrians 
  • Legal obligations and responsibilities
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Safety signs
  • Accident prevention

We are all aware of the requirements of the responsibility on individuals and businesses to ensure we work in a safe environment. Yearly, around 50 people are killed and more than 5000 people are injured in accidents involving workplace transport. With the use of our dual role officers, and or your requirements are just for a Traffic Marshall, they will come with a security license. Let us take the strain and ensure you or your business does not become a statistic.

For any information on our services please contact us either way, you’ll be pleased you did:

 020 8555 6800 or email on

For further information on our range of services, review our website:

Industrial fencing protecting a company car park

The growing importance of Perimeter security for Commercial and Industrial sites.

Industrial area security is becoming a major issue for all involved. Many industrial and commercial sites are run by a separate management company with experience in running large scale sites with multiple occupying tenants of various sizes and different industries.

The managing agents themselves have a huge task. They need to make sure the site is fully occupied whilst receiving the best rental/contract prices they can secure for the longest period of time. They need to keep all costs down while managing all site issues, contracts, accounts, queries, complaints, payments, roadways, landscaping, street lighting, gates, fencing repairs etc., and one of the worst and hardest areas for them to work on is – Site security.

Today’s sites are now more than likely hold tens of millions of pounds of stock and hundreds of millions of pounds of business. Yes, the individual business owner will have their own business insurance, but they will still look at the managing agent to look after the security on site in order to ‘hopefully prevent’ any possible break ins or thefts to their own property.

But how do agents do this? 

They may put up a gate house with manned security, but for many hours per week? How many shifts? Who designs the security protocols and ensures they are followed? What are the costs involved?

They may put in security fencing around the whole site, generally they will always go for the cheapest which could be the normal 2.4mtr high steel palisade fencing, with entrance gates.

But at some stage there will be a break in on-site and now the general discussion will be that a site CCTV system is required. 

So, the decision is then made to bring in several local CCTV companies in to design and supply quotations for the supply and installation of a site CCTV camera system along with costs for sensors and a form of monitoring.

The quote arrives and everyone falls off their chairs, the questions then start – “How much? Can we have smaller cameras, can we reduce the number of cameras, what about if we do this and we do that? Can we remove the onsite monitoring, would it be cheaper to do it on our phones?”  Sound’s familiar doesn’t it.

So eventually the agent decides that the ‘best system’ (will be ultimately based on the cheapest cost not on quality or design elements), will be installed. The purchase order is supplied and the system is installed. After a while everyone is happy that they now have CCTV on-site, but what happens after several months? Does anyone see a system? Did you look at any cameras on the way into work today? I doubt it very much.

Did you know that: Recent reviews have found that CCTV cameras do not deter crime?  They are only recording the actual event. The footage will then very rarely be used by the Police due to poor system design.

These site cameras have become invisible, to everyone involved. But even more importantly does the potential thief worry about cameras? Oh no, because he knows how to get around it? He pulls his hood over his head because he knows everyone puts cheap systems in place. He knows they will not detect him as cheap sensors have been installed and as it is raining tonight they will give false activations and people will ignore them, he knows that the cameras are so small they will not be able to see him at that distance and also the units have integral infra-red lights they will never cover the area in a million years. But the agent was never told this when he accepted the cheapest price.

So, after his heist in someone’s building, he disappears with some goodies, but he has left footage on a number of cameras which show him walking away. Is he worried? No, as the Police will not be able to do anything with the footage anyway as the system wasn’t designed in accordance with the sites security requirements.

The following day, chaos takes over in the tenants building and also the agents office and also the poor old security guard is receiving a roasting because he didn’t see anything, so he must have been asleep! – but why? 

This is because the someone who authorised the works is not a security specialist, their job is to reduce project costs, so they put pressure on the CCTV company to reduce the price. The company reduces its price as they are desperate for the job, what happens ultimately is the introduction of a cheap poor-quality surveillance system will ultimately increase long term costs and increase problems. 

We can imagine the future conversations in the agent’s office “Let’s look at improving the CCTV system with more up to date higher resolution CCTV cameras, (because someone told them that), let’s install larger sensors on taller masts and get costs at putting up higher fences”.  The vicious circle will go around and around again as the agent will only speak to people they know, who will only give them the same answers each time and the security will not improve. 

But once the quotations start coming in again…….!!

So, what can be done to improve these ongoing problems?

We say, Work on the perimeter. Consider installing a perimeter detection system. It is a system that could bring everything you already have on-site working together to work as an integrated system. It may be a simple sensor cable that is attached to the existing fencing system. It may be a buried sensor that detects footfall or vehicles for areas that do not have fencing in place. It may be positioned laser scanners that are set to monitor an area and will activate once something enters into a monitored area. 

The area could be monitored by radar which activates a long-range CCTV camera which has been located to cover numerous areas of a site rather than having dozens of cameras and complicated site infrastructure.

If someone then attempts to cut, climb, dig or lift the fence, the fence itself will sense the intrusion and send the detection to a control module which could activate security lights, sirens, a warning voice box, or an automated CCTV camera which operates within the activated location, so everything is now automated, instant and responsive. 

The aim of a perimeter monitoring system is to: 

  1. Remove any potential human error from site monitoring
  2. Never allow a potential intruder to reach a building
  3. Detect the individual immediately at the perimeter
  4. Deter him by creating a warning that he has been noticed before he enters the area
  5. Divert him away from the perimeter

A site covering dozens of acres can now be simply monitored by accurate and effective perimeter security solutions just by adding a perimeter intruder detection system (PIDS) to your existing fence system and bringing your on-site CCTV into operation.

The site can then be easily monitored by on-site security personnel or remotely of site without the fear of people sneaking up to buildings and causing you chaos the following day.
A large manor house on a summers day

HNWI burglaries on the increase

A string of brazen robberies targeting high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) seems to be on the increase and not just in the UK. Over the last few years, this new trend seems to have threatened and upset luxury sales in Paris, the world’s fashion capital. 

The actual extent to which robberies of HNWIs are contributing to slumping luxury sales in Paris is hard to know. But it has also been noted that many clients now want to shop with their personal bodyguards for added protection and security.

It seems that in these modern times, we are in a ‘society of risk’ due to exposure on social media and for that we need to re-evaluate how we look after and protect ourselves. This is now becoming a global trend and we have to pay attention to it. These kinds of things could start happening in any major city or town in the future as ‘nothing succeeds like success’.  

When these hostiles see that what they are doing is working and that they are succeeding and getting away with it, they are going to continue to carry on doing it and others will actively follow suit.

So, this relatively new trend of having bodyguards with you when you are shopping can be a good idea if you genuinely believe that you could be at risk. But what do you do when you are at home during the day or asleep of a night time?

The last thing any family wants is to have 7ft tall, 6ft wide bodyguards patrolling the house estate or standing outside your bedroom door. It can cause further stress, it will create further negative thoughts of the world out there, it will have massive cost implications and humans can fail quite easily at any point.

This is where we look at HNWI residential security quite differently.

Over the last few years we have been involved with many HNWI clients who have been subjected to attempted break-ins or violent burglaries in their own homes and even more so in the new age of social media whereby access to people’s enviable lifestyle is clearly visible and desirable. 

This level of person generally has a larger than normal property and generally larger than normal grounds which can run into 100’s of acres. This alone can cause a number of major issues for security – how do you secure a large perimeter and open grounds? Firstly, cost is always a major thought, security is very rarely high on the priority list until something happens.

So, people will apply the normal security measures they know and understand 1. Gate intercom with a video camera, 2. Some ‘strategically’placed CCTV cameras, 3. External security lights, 4. High security building alarm with door and window sensors, and luxuries such as: 5. Possible panic button, 6. Safe room/s,

These systems are great, BUT, 1. What if the person walks around and jumps over a wall or comes through the tree’s? 2. Is anyone really monitoring the CCTV cameras? 3. Would you really notice if the security lights come on? 4. The alarm is great when a window is smashed or a door is forced, 5. Would you have time to activate the panic button? 6. Would the family have time to get to a safe room?

Conventional systems have problems as they all cause a problem with ‘your time’. Do they give you time to react? If the family is spread around the home, would they all have time to react? Would they know what to do if a break in occurs? Would panic set in if someone smashed a window right now?

This is where Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems (PIDS) really works. We utilise a number of different systems which can work for all types of properties and grounds. Our systems are designed to create an early warning system which gives you minutes to use: 1. Time to react, 2. Time to gather the family, 3. Time to hit the panic button, 4. Time to get to a safe room.

Depending upon a client’s property layout and requirements, we use a number of different technologies which can include: fence mounted detection sensors that can convert an existing fence into a fully functional detection sensor, buried ground sensors that can detect any unusual movements across difficult perimeters, hidden radar panels that can detect human of vehicular movement several km’s away, discreet laser detection sensors that can cover a radius of up to 250 metres, long range automated CCTV cameras that can track and trace a person 1-3km’s away

Once a perimeter activation has been detected, additional security measures could already be taking place while you are making sure your family is safe, this would be your only focus, while behind the scenes the system and additional people will be controlling the situation. 

The perimeter activation could have also  set off a number of localised systems that have made the intruders aware that they have been pre-detected,  the activation is linked to an external control / monitoring security team who are now monitoring the activation with onsite long-range CCTV cameras, special long range spotlights are automatically tracking the intruders, the Police have already been contacted, a security patrol could be dispatched or your own on site security officers are attending the area of intrusion to intercept the persons. 

But with the pre-warnings at the perimeter locations, there is a very high chance they have decided to move away quickly and not proceed with their plans as fear and concern has been triggered in their mind. Fear and flight works wonders.

Different solutions can be applied to each potential threat, each and every system is designed to create that early detection which now gives you time. Time is now the most important factor for your family’s personal security.
An energy site at suntet

Intrinsically safe security equipment (ATEX)

What is ATEX? 

ATEX is the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling gases/vapours and dust explosive atmospheres:

1) Directive 99/92/EC (also known as ‘ATEX 137’ or the ‘ATEX Workplace Directive’) on the minimum requirements for improving the health and safety protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres. 

2) Directive 94/9/EC (also known as ‘ATEX 95’ or ‘the ATEX Equipment Directive’) on the approximation of the laws of Members States concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. 

Security systems within these high-risk locations have always been a difficult and specialised area. 

Our combined research & development team is able to design and install intrinsically safe systems for ATEX level protection with dedicated in-house unique sensor systems that are safe to use in highly volatile environments, around combustible materials and in hazardous areas, typically found in the core of critical energy sites, such as gas valves, fuel farms, chemical plants and more. 

Our systems utilize specialised protective barriers on all wiring points to prevent sparks, electric surges and limit voltage level. 

The perimeter sensor systems are certified under and comply with EN 60079-25:2010 & IEC 60079-25:2010 Ed.2 for safe application in such volatile hazardous areas.

Safe Security Solutions is not your normal British security company. Our clients normally approach us to supply a full turnkey bespoke security solution where normal security systems, procedures and companies have failed

Current national threat level

The current national threat level is SEVERE. The threat to Northern Ireland from Northern Ireland-related terrorism is SEVERE..

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