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Due to nature of many of our private clients, we are unable to disclose names, locations and types of security projects we have completed. Any listed examples of projects and works have been released with the clients authorisation for our own use and not for re-distribution.

High End Residences - High Net Worth Individuals

A recent example of our works with a well-known High Net Worth Individual and his architects, was to design a monitored perimeter security system within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We had many restraints from the client, architect and the local authorities.

Security fences and physical barriers were not allowed under any circumstances. The system had to fit within the locations fantastic scenic views.  As the wildlife roams free within the area, it was decided to install our MBS405 buried perimeter system which has the ability to detect a person crossing into a restricted area who may have any metallic objects on their person, eg: mobile phones, belt buckles, tools or even weapons.

The MBS405 has the unique ability to automatically operate Long Range Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras if a section has been activated.  This activation then operates a pre-recorded voice warning within the location to warn off the possible intruders.

The activated PTZ camera automatically displays the location within our Safe Security control room, whereby an operator can determine the cause of the possible threat and warn the client accordingly or notify the local Police.

Governments / Corporations / Commercial clients

Over the years we have worked directly with a number of Government bodies within the UK and overseas for various projects. 

A mixed range of solutions is generally used from PIDS, Long Range CCTV cameras, Thermal cameras, system monitoring and UAV’s.

We have designed and installed a wide range of systems for different Corporations and Commercial clients using Security guards, CCTV systems, Thermal CCTV, Facial recognition software & PIDS systems.

Overseas Security projects & installations

We have worked on many types of oversea projects within East Africa and the Middle East supplying High Net Worth individuals, Private companies and Governments.

These security solutions have ranged from Airports / Seaports / Commercial projects to highly sensitive establishments.

Many of these projects are designed to protect an existing establishment or location within a problematic geographic area.