Auto Response Security Systems

An auto-response alarm system in a system that creates an immediate reaction to a potential threat such as a break-in or vandalism with the aim of scaring away the threat before damage or theft occurs. 

These provide a basic, cost-effective deterrent to many threats which often prevent issues or help record footage that will lead to prosecution.

There is a modern need in the 21st Century for an immediate automated reaction to a potential intruder.  At the point of an attempted intrusion, the person needs to be made aware that they have triggered a detection system, at the point of where they are trying to enter a facility.

This activation could simply trigger a few well placed: Orange flashing beacons, Claxons, sirens, security lights and CCTV being activated within the intruders' location.

This automated response could be the difference between an intruder entering the perimeter of a secure location or running away before any damage or loss has incurred.  Ultimately, it helps reduce your security risk while enhancing the security system on-site with effective event monitoring.

A orange flashing light mounted on a perimeter fence

A simple flashing light mounted on a perimeter fence

A large siren speaker attached to a pole.

Sirens provide noise deterrent & attract security staff.

A cctv camera on a pole above a chain link fence

CCTV provides a deterrent as well as gathering footage.

Two large floodlights on top of a T shaped pole.

Floodlights scare away trespassers & alert others

Simple, Cost-Effective Security

The aim of any auto-response security is to immediately make an intruder or would-be thief aware that their activities are being monitored or recorded and scare them away BEFORE a crime takes place. 

We can install auto-response security measures tailored for every client or integrate existing auto-response security with our high-level systems to suit your needs and budget. 

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