Auto Responses

There is a modern need in the 21st Century for an immediate automated reaction to a potential intruder.  At the point of an attempted intrusion the person needs to be made aware that they have triggered a detection system, at the point of where they are trying to enter a facility.

This activation could simply trigger a few well placed: Orange flashing beacons, Claxons, sirens, security lights and CCTV being activated within the intruders location.

This automated response could be the difference between an intruder entering a secure locations perimeter or running away before any damage or loss has incurred.  Ultimately, it helps reduce your security risk while enhancing the security system on site with effective event monitoring.

Safe Security Solutions is not your normal British security company. Our clients normally approach us to supply a full turnkey bespoke security solution where normal security systems, procedures and companies have failed.

Current national threat level

The current national threat level is SUBSTANTIAL. The threat to Northern Ireland from Northern Ireland-related terrorism is SEVERE..

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