EyeDetect® Staff Security Screening

Accurate Solution for Integrity testing…the eyes cannot lie.

EyeDetect® can see through deception by analysing behaviour. The same scientists that computerised the polygraph developed this new integrity testing technology. Our science team includes the world’s foremost experts on polygraph techniques.

How does deceit affect the body?

Deceit causes subtle changes in the behaviour of the eye due to increased cognitive load.  EyeDetect® uses a precision optical scanner to measure subtle changes and combines the measurements in a mathematically optical manner to detect deception.

Deception is more cognitively demanding than being truthful.

First, deceptive thinking requires planning, comparison, and execution of purposefully incorrect responses. The extra vigilance required by deception results in cognitive workload, which is reflected in increased questions response time, and an increase in overall reading and re-reading time.

Second, deception requires caution and strategy.  As such, general indicators of processing difficulty are revealed such as;

1. Question response time

2. Pupil dilation

3. Number of fixations while reading;

Initial and delayed processing difficulty is shown when taking a first pass, and then a second time when reading is affected.

We can carry out these tests on your behalf within your own offices or a agreed nominated location.  Our examiners will have minimal conversation with any persons who are due to complete a tests.  Once a test has been completed, the results will be ready within 5 minutes of the test completion.  The results can be e-mailed directly to a nominated person within your company or to a HR officer for further evaluation.

Now you can Detect Deception Quickly and Accurately

How EyeDetect® works:

1. Examinee takes 30-min true / false answer Integrity test

2. Data is captured, encrypted and uploaded to a secure club server.

3. Proprietary algorithms interpret the data and provide a report with the EyeDetect® Credibility Score within 5 minutes.



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