Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems (PIDS)

Perimeter Intruder Detection systems (PIDS)

Safe Security Solutions is the authorised UK Agent for RBtec was established in 1986 by security experts with many years of in the field experience in large integrated perimeter fence intrusion detection systems in some of the most difficult situations.

No experience is required to install our mounted Fence alarm systems.  Instructions are supplied. Minimal tools are required.

Our Intruder Detector systems are Guaranteed to work every time.  The attached cable is the full sensor, it is attached to the fence leaving ‘No Gaps’ within your perimeter  using 32 levels of sensitivity it will easily detect anyone attempting to lift, climb or cut any part of your fence. One line of cable can monitor a 10ft high fence at the half way position, if you have a higher fence, then just just add another cable – it is that simple.

Our perimeter fence mounted security monitoring systems are suitable for all types of commercial, industrial as well as HNWI Residential properties.  We can supply & install Fence monitoring alarm systems for all types of fences including: Chainlink, Barbed wire, Mesh, Heras, Welded mesh, Palisade, Cast iron &  Ornamental fences. We can provide supply only for the DIY enthusiast or Professional Installers.

No fences but need Intruder Detection? – No problem, just use our buried systems. They are completely hidden underground and will not be affected by roots, trees or wildlife. All systems can be designed to each security requirement.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all which is why we can offer a variety of solutions to custom fit & protect your premises:


Intruder Fence Detection – IRONCLAD Video LINK            Buried sensors – SEISMO Video LINK                              IRONCLAD Demo Link


All of our systems can be connected into Burglar Alarms, Security lights, Sirens and CCTV systems. No PIR’s are required. PIDS gives you 100% Guaranteed monitoring ring – perfect for all types of properties and High Risk Clients or locations.

Our systems are designed to prevent anyone from reaching your main buildings on a property.

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