HNWI Security

High Net Worth Individuals security (HNWI security)

Personal security is now no longer for the Heads of State and Celebrities. More increasingly, the wealthy (HNWI) sectors of society are taking their own family personal security to a higher and different level. “No one wants a guy who’s six-foot-seven and named Tiny following him around,” states Mike Bullman, MD of Safe Security Solutions. We are receiving more calls than ever, for Security Assessments for HNWI clients using our Mobile Patrols, CCTV systems and our Perimeter Intruder Detection systems (PIDS).

People are looking for discreet personal security without leaving a huge impact on their own daily lives, there may be someone with them when they are out a Restaurant or at the Theatre, but when the client is at home, this is an area where technology can come into play and still provide a higher level of private security.

External CCTV systems (HNWI)

When the client is at home, they may not want people walking around his garden of a night time as shown in the films these days, but they are requesting Remote External CCTV security for theirs homes. Remotely monitored CCTV cameras can help cover a huge area quickly and quietly while being more cost effective than having 1,2 or 3 security staff on a night shift.

Most High Net Worth Individuals would be specified with our Commercial CCTV ranges which are generally better specified for larger properties. The gardens are monitored remotely by specialist CCTV controllers for the identified times who are monitoring any possible movements within a Clients grounds.

Perimeter Intruder Detections systems (PIDS)

A further improvement on the security systems would be using our Perimeter Intruder Detection systems (PIDS) whereby we install special cables on existing security fences or underground around the properties perimeter. If some attempts to climb over the fence or walks into the private grounds, the system will create a detection and automatically activate the CCTV system. Our CCTV controller would then monitor the intruder and make them aware that they have been detected, this would lead into different areas of security procedures or calling the Police. The addition of security lights, sirens, buzzers along with on site speakers all help to create a security security ring to help the clients stay safe and have piece of mind at all times.

PIDS is great for clients who do not want to be monitored directly, e.g.: if they are enjoying the garden, playing tennis, swimming etc,  as the system will only switch on when the Perimeter system has detected an intruder. So cut your grass, enjoy the garden and BBQ while being assured that the system will activate at the appropriate time as the system does not produce any false alarms or false activations.

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