EyeDetect® UK

EyeDetect®…the eyes don’t lie.

The Most accurate Lie Detector available in the world

Lie Detection – Get 86% accuracy in just 30 minutes.

EyeDetect® is a next-generation lie detector. It measures subtle changes in the eye to detect deception and deceptive behaviour

EyeDetect® can be used to screen job applicants, employees and immigrants — as well as law enforcement and public safety personnel — to protect against corruption, theft and crime.

Corruption is a multi-billion-pound problem worldwide. It disrupts businesses, markets & cripple’s economic growth for all. So why would you employ someone without knowing if they have Integrity? It’s ok seeing a great CV and the person has the skills, but what if their intentions are not in you best interest? Why spend money on tests, CRB checks and background checks before knowing if they have Integrity? After waiting for days or weeks for the results, these results will only show if the person has never been caught, it doesn’t tell you – who this person is!  After receiving the results, you then have to ‘decide’ if the person is right for your organisation and is able to fill the role.  It is a risk as it will cost your company time, expenses and at the end of it all, you still have to use a bit of gut instinct – but were you right? Now you are hoping the person is able to fulfil the task.


This is where EyeDetect® Integrity testing comes in.  We would advise on completing a 30 min True/False questionnaire. The questions can be focused towards submitted CV’s, their work history, their personal history and ask the same question in five different ways. But all questions will require a True or False answer. The EyeDetect® system will monitor the eye pupil movement per question and the amount of time it takes to answer a question. It can detect the eye’s hovering over certain ‘keywords’ which make the person think about what answer to submit. If they are thinking of providing a false answer, the eyes movement will be detected during this period. At the end of the test, the system will produce a report on each answered question and give a probability percentage that the person is lying or telling the truth. On this result, you now have the evidence of if this person has Integrity. If they are found to be lying, would you now be prepared to spend time and money on further background checks? Do you want to waste more of your precious time on them?

Where can EyeDetect® Lie Detection work?

EyeDetect# can also be used for the investigation of theft within a workplace, corruption, bribery, documentation fraud, drugs usage, can all be tested for with a 86% accuracy rate. High Net Worth Individuals are known to have regular staffing issues, especially when people are close to valuables due to the possibility of theft and also being assured that the staff they employ are safe around their own members of the family and children. So it makes sense to test someone before they are allowed to go through to the next stage of background checks.


Safe Security Solutions is an authorised User and reseller of EyeDetect® within the UK and is able to provide testing for clients across the UK and Eire.

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